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Best Engineering Schools – How To Get Admitted

Best Engineering Schools – How To Get Admitted

Career choice is regarded as one of the most challenging times in a person’s life, especially in choosing your best engineering schools to pursue. What and where to get the academic training needed to pursue our true calling calls for a close analysis. As follows, we will take a practical look into what the options for aspiring engineers are.

Best Engineering Schools – A Good Starting Point

As published in in their education section, there is an amazing list of engineering colleges to choose from. The top ten institutions include MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, CIT, Georgia, Purdue and the list goes on. Besides prestige, experience and number of graduates, the best engineering schools promise a future of professional opportunities after the academic training is over.

Getting into the school of your dreams may require a lot of careful planning and hard work. However, college admission should not be treated as a one-way process in which universities have the last say. After all, it is a young person’s professional life which is at stake. Apart from a good name, engineering colleges should offer applicants what they need. This means that candidates should have a clue about what type of engineering they are interested in and the available engineering degrees for undergrads or exams required for further professional growth.

Choosing the Right School: Is it all that matters?

It is widely known that engineering offers a wide range of choices, from the classic Electrical or Civil Engineering to less-known fields like Biomedical or Micro Process Engineering. A lot has been said about the reasons why certain types of engineering should be preferred over others. Aspects such as job availability or annual income always rise when the debate is on.

However, most vocational experts agree on one aspect: choose the field you most love. You will be committed to this task for most of your life so motivation outweighs any other consideration. Choosing a field of engineering is necessary before applying. In the case of UC Berkeley, for instance, you must have chosen a specific major when you apply, since once you have been admitted, you are unable to change.

Getting Admitted: What it takes

Most admission requirements vary from University to University. In some cases, engineering students apply for admission just as any other applicant would. On the other hand, some institutions treat applications to engineering careers separately. Even if in some universities like Caltech, MIT and Georgia, technological application is not separated, as a general rule, the best engineering schools all value outstanding math skills. In broad terms, required SAT scores in Math range from 630 to 800 in order to be admitted into the best engineering schools.

Caltech for example, features 760 to 800 as their admission scores in math. Other top institutions, say Illinois, require a combined score of 1920-2150 in all areas (reading, math and writing) and Purdue asks for a combined score ranging from 1720-2010 in all three areas.

best engineering schoolsSAT scores required for admittance will vary substantially from one school to another. However, the applicant should bear in mind that these scores are just a part of the application process. Other must-haves in the applicant’s profile should include: GPA, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation and of course, the essay.

Presenting a well-rounded, well-written essay can make all the difference when it comes to success in the admission process. Newly updated in 2013, application essays now have new prompts. One of the greatest challenges some students face is the content.  Find this hard to believe? Well, it seems that for some aspiring engineers, writing about their passions and life drives in a 650 word format will require both imagination and, needless to say, good writing skills.

What to consider

  • Be clear and honest. Admission officers want to know the individual beyond cold GPAs and SATs.
  • Keep focused. Don’t drift away with corny details of childhood fears.
  • Never go over the word limit. Even when the new Common Application Essay format requires students to enter the essay in a limited word box, should you be asked to write a supplementary essay, NEVER exceed the limit. The best engineering schools will not accept candidates who are unable to follow directions or who lack editing skills.

To conclude, getting admitted into one of the best engineering schools is just the entrance door to a promising fulfilling professional future.

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