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Gender, Age And Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

Gender, Age And Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

Discrimination truly is a prejudicial treatment on an individual because of the group they are just a part of. Even though many laws have been brought up for preventing discrimination in the workplace, still many people find themselves discriminated every day. Identifying the different kinds of discrimination in the workplace will allow you to make out discrimination as it happens — whether you or your coworker or other employees is victim. Even though there are many types of discrimination, this article majorly concentrates on three different types, which are listed below:

  • Racial discrimination in the workplace
  • Age discrimination in the workplace
  • Gender discrimination in the workplace

Let us look each one in detail.

1. Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

racial discrimination in the workplaceAs per law, racial discrimination has been strictly prohibited but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It still happens. You can even see racial discrimination in the workplace these days. Wondering how? Well, in the form of harassments. For instance, being labeled as racial slurs / possessing derogatory remarks that are often made towards them on their skin tone or background. Some other racial discrimination forms aren’t obvious – they usually include negative treatment, passed for promotion or paid at different rate for the reason that they belong from a different race. I hope you have now understood about racial discrimination in the workplace.

2. Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

Next is the most common – gender discrimination in the workplace. In fact, this takes up multiple forms at workplace. Sexual harassment are the most seen forms & might take in unnecessary sexual advances, crude remarks or propositions towards an employee. Gender discrimination could also entail negative or preferential treatment, passed for a special promotion, being paid different rate due to their gender etc. Companies cannot discriminate against the applicants on their gender; nor can the corporation enact policies, which has negative reflection on the employees of certain gender. Both men as well as women are victims of gender-based discrimination at workplace.

3. Age Discrimination In The Workplace

Next commonly seen is none other than age discrimination in the workplace. Federal Age Discrimination of Employment Act avoids companies to discriminate against applicants & workers over age group 40, which means that these workers should never be treated harshly.

I hope you have now understood the various types of discriminations, which usually happen in the workplace. If you have something to express, feel free to drop them at the comments section. Also, there are more useful information from here: