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What Are The Ways To Treat Depression?

Before we talk about the ways to deal with depression, let’s talk about what does depression means in scientific terms and what is a depression in a layman’s language? Depression is basically considered as a psychological mood disorder that adversely reflects a person’s everyday life routine. We may describe depression as a feeling of sadness, loss or anger which frequently interferes with a person’s day to day activities. People nowadays use the word depression thinking that it is used as a synonym for sadness but this is not the case, yet depression is way too different and deep as compared to sadness.

What are the symptoms of depression?

Like we mentioned above that depression is beyond sadness, it can be more than being only a constant state of sadness. Individuals suffering through major depression may face various symptoms that not only include their mood but also an individual’s body. Depression is not an ongoing process yet it comes and goes depending on the situation of the person. A man can face several symptoms like:

  • Anger, irritability, frustration, anxiousness, restlessness, etc.
  • Affects your emotional well being like the person feels empty, sad, hopelessness.
  • Behavior like zero interest, feeling of tiredness, loss of interest in favorite activities, suicidal thoughts, excessive drinking of alcohol, taking drugs, being involved in high-risk activities.
  • Sexual interest, for example, decreased sexual desire, no interest in sexual performance.
  • Sleep patterns, insomnia, restless sleep or excessive sleep, etc.

Causes of depression

There can be many causes due to which an individual may suffer from depression. They may range from circumstantial to biological. Some of the common causes of depression are:

  • Family history: one of the most common reasons for suffering from depression is family history. In case any of your family members have had depression or mood disorder, then it is likely that you have got this mood disorder from them.
  • Brain structure: if the frontal lobe of the brain is inactive or less active, then there are chances that you might suffer from depression.

Ways to deal with depression

There are both healthier and unhealthier ways to deal with depression. An individual should always use a healthier way if he/she wishes to deal with depression and get rid of it. What are the healthy ways with help of which we can get rid of depression? Let us have a look briefly.

  • Cognitive behavior therapy. People who are suffering from depression carry a very negative view when it comes to themselves and the world. With the help of cognitive behavior therapy, a person can transfer his or her negative thoughts into positive ones. Due to CBT, the person then may get help in breaking up the negative thoughts and start learning a more balanced thinking lifestyle.
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation tms treatment clinics. Transcranial stimulation does not include your inner body, instead, all the work is done outside the body and directly affects the central nervous system with powerful magnetic fields in specific areas of the brain that are related and linked to depression.
  • Psychotherapy. Taking counseling sessions from a psychologist is the best way to cope up with a disorder like depression because it helps the patient to express his or her feelings to the other person.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs. Learn to avoid drugs and alcohol as much as you can when you are suffering from depression because the consumption of drugs and alcohol can make situations worse.
  • Exercise. Make a routine of doing a 30minute physical exercise for at least 3 to 5 days a week because exercise helps you to increase the body’s production of endorphins, hormones that help you in improving the mood.
  • Alternative therapies. Ask your counselor or advisor to make you indulge in meditation. There are some herbal supplements as well that you can use for depression-like St. John wort and fish oil.

Depression is never going to get stuck to an individual for life it is temporary, though there are some cases where it becomes a long-term challenge for an individual. It is a fact that a psychological disorder does not go away completely. Therefore, the treatment can only make the situation manageable and the patient can manage his or her disorder only by taking medications and therapies on time.