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Associates Degree & College Degree – A Guide For Freshmen

Associates Degree & College Degree – A Guide For Freshmen

Are you a high school graduate or an associates degree holder and looking for higher studies? This is the right place you have come to. This article is to help you explore various types of college degrees available in your path and help you plan your career appropriately. This guide talks about what are the types of degrees and what are the requirements to get in with a merit seat in these degree colleges.

The Associates Degree path for consideration

If you are high school graduate, then you should soon be thinking of doing your associates degree at one of the best universities nearby to your place. Associates degree is a two year course. It is an Associate of Arts or  Science, and you can choose whichever fields you want to go to. This is the stage to decide whether you want to continue your studies or look for a job.

Most of the students who earn an associates degree would want to continue their studies and join a bachelor’s degree. This kind of degree is a 4 year course and usually semester type. You have various options here to choose the types of colleges you need to go to. Community colleges are much more cheaper as compared to the state colleges, thus compromising the reputation and also placement possibility.

Bachelor’s degree is a 4 year degree program where you have ample number of options to choose from:

  • If you want to go to Arts, you get a Bachelor of Arts Degree.
  • If you opt for Business programs, then in different regions/countries they are called in a different way.
  • However, in general the course content will be the same and they are all degrees associated with businesses.

More about associates degree, you can refer here.

You can also pursue Engineering in various streams if you are interested

Among the Engineering degrees, there are various streams such as Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics, and many more. There are tons of engineering colleges that offer various engineering degrees. These engineering colleges may be either community college or private or even state affiliated colleges or universities.

All these colleges vary by different factors such as reputation, tuition fees, location of the college, etc. Many of these factors also influence the campus hires to these colleges by different companies. Hence, when a student tries to get into engineering colleges, the merit really counts on the higher side.

All merited students will have opportunities to get admitted to one of the best universities and degree courses, which we commonly call as undergrad courses in most of the countries.

Even if a student does not get a merit seat, there are donation seats or reservation seats based on different criteria in some countries. Therefore, in whatever case, a student can definitely get into and study in engineering college if interested.

Master Degrees path

associates degreeApart from this, if a student still wants to continue studying, he can do a graduate degree which is called  Masters degree (MS/MA) and that can be done in any field. Many students want to do a PhD which usually understand as Doctoral or Post Graduate degree.

In Medical field, there are professional degrees such as MD with specialization in particular medicine field. Many colleges offer joint degrees such as Engineering and Business which are very essential these days in professional field like IT.

Every new comer in engineering is expected to have some business related skills. So, Engineering degree, such as MIS, is gaining its popularity these days.

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