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Gender Inequality In The Workplace

Gender Inequality In The Workplace

gender inequality in the workplaceGender inequality in the workplace is one of the burning and evergreen issues found in our society along with other discrimination. Everyone boasts about giving equal rights to men and women, but only in terms of advice and preaching to others. However, are we really following this practically? So far, women have been fighting for their rights only in some places. They have been getting pretty good education and have proven themselves that they are capable of standing equally with  men. But human mentality is quite different, and this age old perception that women are weak and cannot be equal to men is not going away that soon.

Gender discrimination goes way down below expected range when it comes to work place. Though, women perform better than men at many situations in workplace, they still lack proper support from men. When it comes to challenging jobs or anything worth great credit, women are always ignored and downsized in the work place. This has become a human tendency from very long time. This gender inequality in the workplace has led to serious consequences in the society. Gender pay gap always exists in the pay role all over the world. Read this business case to understand more about gender discrimination.

Gender discrimination in the workplace might happen right during the hiring process when men are hired rather than women for specific job positions. It also might vary from harassment to pay to raise.

Causes of gender inequality in the workplace

Some issues may be related to getting raises, better performance, better ranking system, etc. Hence, politics plays a key role in pulling down women and bring about this gender discrimination in the workplace. Men might be jealous of women, so they are more concentrating on how to pull down women than trying to improve their skill set to come up in the profession by doing better performance.

Women are also responsible for maintaining their families along with work. They will definitely expect certain amount of flexibility in their job. This may not be supported at all in most of the workplaces, thus women will have to face serious set back on their job front. This is one of the causes of gender inequality in the workplace that woman has to balance both professional and personal front.

Effects of gender discrimination in the workplace

It has been age old belief in our culture that women are weak and fit to be sitting at home, nurturing children, etc. This is the greatest prejudice in our society. Moreover, businesses and office environment is nothing less for women.

Productivity may be low when there is lot of partiality. Women are always beaten (not physically) but professionally, and men concentrate more on how to pull down other female colleagues than trying to climb the ladder themselves. Also, when a woman is hurt emotionally, the motivation and morale is highly reduced. This is very bad for any work environment. Therefore, they shall not be able to perform well at their job, that makes productivity lower.

Promotions for women employees are also hindered when there are so much of gender inequality in the workplace. The effects of this may not seem very serious on the first hand, but they will gradually effect both professional and personal life, thus harming a lady’s morale