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Managing Cultural Diversity In The Workplace – These 8 Tricks Will Do

Managing Cultural Diversity In The Workplace – These 8 Tricks Will Do

Cultural diversity in the workplace is a reflection of diversity in society. Within the upcoming 50 years, meaning of “minority? & who is an individual from “minority group? is going to be very different. On the other hand, the issues of cultural diversity in the workplace have gone beyond the minority status. Before I explain you about it, I would like to first tell you about cultural diversity definition. Take a look.

Cultural Diversity Definition

The cultural diversity definition states that, it is quality of different or diverse cultures. The phrase “cultural diversity? also refers having diverse or different cultures with respect to one another’s differences. In other words, it denotes the varieties of our human society or culture overall. For more references about this, Diversity Resources Website has some good writing to read.

How To Manage Cultural Diversity In The Workplace?

1. Filter The Workers

cultural diversity in the workplaceIf you truly want to manage cultural diversity in the workplace, then you must jot down this tip now. All you require doing is to filter the workers in terms of race, age, ethnic background, health status, sexual orientation, religion and gender. Just start observing the statistics as to how many people are literally hired versus people leaving from specific categories. Watch out for abnormal high employee percentages in a specific group, who leave voluntarily or fired.

2. Do Exit Interviews

To manage cultural diversity in the workplace, you will have to do exit interviews on those group members to check if there are any common problems. For instance, exodus of few Asian-American employees from the creative department might come from work dissatisfaction because of unspoken bias, which all the Asians are extra technical when compared to artistic & their creative contribution is undervalued.

3. Ask Them To Work Together

Assign diverse people groups to work along with each other on projects, in particular projects, which span across other departments. Once the project completes, ask every member of the team to fill an unnamed evaluation form telling about others’ assets + skills and weaknesses + liabilities. Review those forms with responses on stereotypes.

4. Look Out For Behavioral Patterns

Look for patterns concerning department staffing and socializing that could possibly specify behaviors depending on the negative stereotyping.

5. Set Diversity Workshops

To manage cultural diversity in the workplace, you will have to set diversity workshops, which touch stereotypical beliefs.

6. Encourage Diverse Management staffs

You will have to of course encourage diverse management staffs by just looking out for hidden leadership talent & thereby giving opportunities to them to flourish, with the help of leadership of interim project groups. There might be leadership skill in the minority cultural team whose members might never take an initiative for the reason that there can be assumed rejection.

7. Set Some Mentoring Programs

Set up few mentoring programs, which works across different cultural lines, highlighting on person’s skills and characteristics.

8. Give A Chance To Show Their Hidden Talents

Arrange work-associated social events, which offer staffs and chance to exhibit individual skills or perhaps cultural skills.