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The Interesting Personalities Behind Different Types Of Engineers

The Interesting Personalities Behind Different Types Of Engineers

Engineering is a complex and exciting career. Requiring tremendous concentration and a knack for solving the most challenging scientific and mathematical problems, only the most talented and hard-working individuals thrive in this industry.

Unfortunately, this led to the notion that engineers are boring – preferring to spend their waking hours in a lab rather than connect with people and have fun. But nothing could be farther from the truth!

A closer look at the different personalities of different types of engineers, one can conclude that the professionals within engineering are just as diverse and interesting as the industries it encompasses. For more overall views of other types of engineers, referring this article and the article from

Software Engineers

Very intelligent and always having that problem-solving mentality, it’s not surprising that software engineers, even at a very young age, develop an affinity for just about anything that requires strong memory and concentration (especially math and science).

Outside the classroom or office, software engineers are more inclined to take up hobbies like chess and go; study a musical instrument; read about politics and history…and argue with their friends about it.

At the workplace, they can be as hard-working as humanly possible…approaching every problem they encounter with dogged determination! Matter of fact, software engineers who work for government agencies, large corporations, and financial institutions devote 50 hours per week on average, and that’s a conservative estimate!

Their fellow SE’s who’re working for start-up companies and SMBs don’t mind going the extra mile – investing 55 to 60 hours every week especially during critical software releases and patches.

With uncompromising, strong, and (sometimes) combative personalities, software engineers hate to sugarcoat when interacting with other people. Always straightforward especially to fellow engineers, you can count on an SE to be first person to tell you that he doesn’t like or disagrees with what you just said.

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Mechanical Engineers

Emotionally stable in general, mechanical engineers can easily maintain relationships with those around them. But while establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships is relatively easy for them, it’s often on the casual side.

Always energetic, mechanical engineers almost always take a direct “take the bull by the horns? approach whenever they encounter problems within and outside of their discipline. With their realistic, goal-oriented, and serious-minded approach to problem solving, these engineers LOVE uncovering the logical structure or reason behind anything including what others consider as phenomena.

That said, this brand of realism (which focuses on what’s in front of them rather than what’s beyond) makes them unimaginative especially when dealing with something outside of their own expertise.

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Civil Engineers

Being one of the most broad and most popular types of engineering, civil engineering includes various specialties like infrastructure design, water resources management, and others.

That said, professionals within this discipline seem to express introversion in general. Rather focus on what’s around them; they divert their energies and attention to their internal realm of fascinating ideas.

the interesting personalities behind different types of engineersLike professionals from other branches / types of engineers, they have a penchant for research and prefer working in a structured environment. That said, when it’s time to make a decision, civil engineers use their personal and organizational values rather than rely on strict logic.

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Chemical Engineers

“Seeing what is unseen? – this is the forte of chemical engineers. Their powers of visualization allow them to make something out of the most complex and confusing 3D-renderings of atoms and molecules!

For them, a challenge is always welcome especially if it’s from a professional within the same field. They love it so much that they don’t mind burying their head in excessive research in an effort to prove a point.

Compared to other types of engineers, chemical engineers often exhibit high-end interpersonal and leadership skills. This probably explains the reason why they are more likely to start their own organization or business when other engineers prefer to work on their own or as a part of a team.

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