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Types Of College Degrees That Can Be Obtained Online

Types Of College Degrees That Can Be Obtained Online

In this day and age, practical solutions to everyday needs are commonly provided via the Internet. We pay bills, advertise goods, socialize and even do our grocery shopping online. So it comes as no surprise to consider online types of college degrees as valid choices.

What is it?

types of college degreesAn online degree is an academic certification, i.e. any of the types of college degrees available for higher education which can be achieved virtually. Online academic training truly caters to the needs of aspiring professionals who are unable to attend a full course on campus in a traditional study situation.

Whether you live in a distant area, work full time or have family duties which cannot be left unattended, online education can open a path in order to get ahead professionally.

Fields of Study – the options

As listed by, online degrees can be divided into the following main fields of study.

  • Arts & Humanities: Including English, Foreign Languages, Graphic Design, Liberal Arts, History and more.
  • Business: covers Accounting, Financial Management, Human Resources, Marketing and related areas.
  • Computers & IT: Computer Science, Information Systems, Web Design, IT.
  • Education & Teaching: Including both Adult and K-12 Education, Higher Education and Educational Leadership among other options.
  • Health & Medicine: Paramedics and Nursing are the most popular.
  • Science & Engineering: Covering most technical subjects and scientific areas.
  • Trades and Careers: Involving practical subjects such as mechanics, air conditioning, maintenance, landscape design and the like.

Types of College Degrees – getting started

Once the choice is made to take up online education and the preferred field of study is selected, students will then wonder about what types of college degrees are available for them.

Choosing a degree level will give the applicant plenty to think about. Let’s take a closer look at the choices. We will discuss Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree which are the most widely required.

An Associate Degree is traditionally offered by a Junior College or Community College. However, many universities offer the chance to get this type of certification as an undergraduate step before achieving a Bachelor’s Degree. It generally takes two years to obtain and it has become typical in some fields of study like technology, healthcare, paralegal, public service or natural science.  The type of degree should be regarded as an important step up the ladder towards higher education.

A Bachelor’s Degree is granted by universities after at least 4 years of training. Getting a Bachelor’s online is now feasible, although the requirements will vary significantly according to each field of study. In some schools, a thesis is required prior to graduation. In the case of science-related subjects, a paper which calls for lab research is requested. The most general division of Bachelor’s Degrees is BA (Bachelor of Arts) and BS (Bachelor of Science). BA degrees are sought after by many employers for they are a proof that the owner has worked hard in order to specialize in a particular field.

A Master’s Degree is a kind of graduate degree for people who have already earned a Bachelor’s Degree. Although obtaining this degree involves dedicated effort, it is well worth the while. Typically, in order to receive an MA (Master of Arts) or MS (Master of Science), a thorough thesis paper is required from aspiring candidates. The presentation of this work has generally taken place in an academic setting and with the aid of thesis tutors.

However, and thanks to technology, a growing number of institutions, both public and private, are offering to complete this degree online. In fact, some schools like Harvard or Houston University, offer online tutoring sessions to senior thesis researchers. Achieving a Master’s Degree will certainly make a difference in your future professional life, since the best-paying jobs in the market generally require this kind of academic preparation from future applicants.

Having weighed your options, if online higher education is what you are thinking about, keep in mind these simple tips:

  • Think! Analyze the types of college degrees which are available to you.
  • Feel! Choose the area of interest which you enjoy the most. Remember passion is a key element in everything you do.
  • Act! Sign up now at your local college or search online for existing alternatives.

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