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What Does Diversity Mean To You Exactly?

What Does Diversity Mean To You Exactly?

Let me start this article by asking – what does diversity mean to you? If you don’t know the answer then let me explain you along with its importance. The idea of diversity includes respect and acceptance. It also means understanding every person is unique & identifying our individual distinctions. These are along the aspects of

  • Ethnicity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Socio-economic status
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Physical abilities
  • Age
  • Religious beliefs

It is all about exploring the differences in positive, nurturing and safe environment. Apart from these, it is also about understanding one another & moving beyond mere tolerance to celebrating rich diversities within every individual. I hope you have now got an idea as to what diversity mean to you. If not, then read further

What Does Diversity Mean To You?

what does diversity mean to you“Diversity” indeed is an essential factor in this world & it is more than the representation of different people. The real meaning of diversity is none other than “difference?. Here, I am certainly not making up something about this word… It is the actual meaning.  Diversity doesn’t denote race relations or race.  If you talk regarding race relations or race, use exact words for it.  If you talk regarding social justice, use exact words for it.

I had been told many times that — I try, saying diversity signifies everything & ends up denoting nothing.  I am certainly not telling that diversity denotes everything; it just means difference.  Difference does have many forms. There are countless ways we can entirely be different from one another.  This does not indicate that all these difference kinds are same. Words do not matter.  Language is by nature, messy and that is why we should be cautious the way we make use of it.

Importance Of Diversity

Importance of diversity? Why is it important anyway? Diversity offers a lesson. It is in fact, for every one of us to agree with & open to things, which has set us distant –gender, race, religion, physical, sexual orientation, mental ability, language… the list just goes on.

Being culturally, conscious gives a chance to stand & think that there are few backgrounds, beliefs, upbringings and personal values, which shape up the stuffs we all actually do. Things that are considered unsuitable behavior in a culture might be perfectly suitable in another. “Diversity is one right thing we all have in common.? But at present it is something to just embrace.

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